Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Boys

I just wanted to post some pictures of the boys. I have been a major blogging slacker, but keep scrolling, I tried to catch up, and posted a few times.
Bridger's first haircut. You can see that he got his top two teeth!
I love the video with Ryker making Bridger laugh, they love to play and wrestle so much. And Bridger can hold his own pretty well! The other video is of Bridger crawling and standing himself up. He has been doing it for a while now, Just haven't posted about it yet:)

Date YAY!

Shawn took a day off work last week and we went on a much needed getaway. It was so much fun to have him all to myself! We drove up Provo canyon and walked up to Bridalveil falls, we had a picnic, and just enjoyed each other. What a beautiful area, and what a hot guy to enjoy it with!

Fun at the pool

We go swimming in our pool almost everyday, the boys love it (especially Ryker)

Ryker gets some good air when he jumps in, I love how he is sticking out his toungue in the picture, you can tell he is having the time of his life!

Bed Time

Shawn has been so busy lately with school, and sometimes the boys don't get to see their dad before they go to bed. But sometimes, he is home for bedtime. My boys LOVE it when their dad is home for bedtime, they can always count on stories and songs, and they just eat it up. A lot of the time, Shawn puts himself to sleep:)