Saturday, January 23, 2010

Drum-roll Please...........

IT IS A....


we think:)

I had an ultrasound on Fri. And the Dr. said he is almost positive it is a girl, but the baby wasn't cooperating very well (being a little shy). They are going to double check at my next dr's appointment on Feb 19th just to make sure. Anyways, for now it is a girl. And we are excited!:)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy 30th!

Well, it is Shawn's birthday today, and I thought I would give him a little tribute. Shawn is the best husband ever, he seriously needs to get the best husband award. He is so kind and thoughtful and gives me butterflies still after 7 and 1/2 years of marriage! For instance, when he comes home from work or class, one of the first things he does is go to the sink, fill a glass full of water, and bring it to me. Now some of you may think hmm... that's a little odd. But he does it because when I am pregnant/nursing, I struggle with kidney stones and really need to keep myself hydrated to prevent them. So this little act of kindness is very very sweet to me, and even a little romanitc:) Honestly, he does little things like that all the time, I could go on for a long time with little things like this, such a sweetie!!!

Shawn is such a good dad too. Our boys love their dad soooo much. Even though he isn't home much right now with work/class/homework/meetings. When he is home, he makes the most of his time with the kids. Just this past weekend, I walked into the living room to find this........
A fort made out of blakets, pillows, the kitchen table, and probably other things. When I peeked inside, the boys were reading books with flashlights. Probably a memory they will cherish for a long time.

Honestly, I am such a lucky person to have Shawn in my life. He is such a hardworking, funny, knowledgeable, talented, very handsome, lovable person. I hope he has an amazing birthday, no one deserves it more!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Made with Love....

Last week was my birthday, and when Ryker woke up that morning, I told him it was my birthday. He asked me who was going to make me a cake, and I told him that dad probably would when he got home from work. Ryker then asked, "mom could I make you a cake?" I told him sure, and our conversation then went a little like this....

Ryker: "What kind of a cake do you want?"
Me: "maybe chocolate."
Ryker: "No, you need a special birthday cake." How about a Princess cake.
Me: that sounds like fun!"

Later that day, I took Ryker to the store, and we bought a cake mix that came with a few princess decorations. He was so excited, it was so cute. When we got home, he insisted that he make the cake himself and that I couldn't help because it was my birthday. So I let him go at it. He cracked the eggs, he sprayed the pan with cooking spray (almost using the whole bottle), he frosted and decorated it. All by himself. And the end result...

It may have had a few egg shells in it,

and it may have had just a touch too much oil,

but it was the best birthday cake I have EVER had.

Because it was made with love by someone wanting to make my birthday extra special

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Break Continued again

We went rollerskating a couple of days after Christmas too. We were going to go ice skating, but it would have been hard to take Bridger. We found this place that lets you push strollers and little kids can use scooters as well. Ryker had the time of his life, and Bridger just sat back and enjoyed the ride.
Our nieces came and joined in on the fun too. And below is Shawn with his sister Cindy.

In this little video clip, Ryker is the little boy in the track suit on the scooter. And at the end Shawn rides by pushing Bridger. It is hard to tell who is who because of the lighting.

Christmas Break continued...

The boys at the play land in the mall, just look at Ryker's amused face. He is so into dinosaurs right now. His favorite ones are the tiranadons sp? the ones that fly.

Here are the boys in their Christmas pajamas. Ryker is Buzz and Bridger is Woody.

Ryker asked Santa for a piano and a drum for Christmas. The elves must have worked really hard to pull off this toy for him. It is a piano/drum/spinner thingy/microphone headset. He has been jammin ever since!:)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Break...

We stayed in Utah this year for Christmas and started some of our own traditions. Here is Ryker drawing a picture for Santa to go along with the cookies and milk and the carrots for the reindeer. He thought Chocolate milk might get him some extra points with Santa this year:)
Our humble little nativity. We didn't have a doll so teddy was baby Jesus this year, and Ryker's stuffed dog was the farm animals:) I was Mary, Ryker was Joseph, and Bridger was a Shepherd. Shawn was the inn keeper/donkey/angel:)
We went sledding the day before Christmas as well.
And made snow much fun!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Amazing Grandma...

My Grandma Owens passed away over Christmas break, and we were able to attend her funeral in Preston, Id. She has suffered from Alzheimer's the past few years and hasn't been able to talk at all. I am sad that she has left this life, and will miss her greatly. I am also happy for her to be free of the disease she had, and to be able to be reunited with her eternal companion after 7 1/2 years. I am sure my grandpa had the best Christmas present ever in heaven being able to be with her again! I love this amazing woman, who raised an amazing family including 11 children. Some words that I would use to describe her are: Faith, Strength, great cook!!!, Amazing quilter, gardener, Christlike, and courage.

This was her funeral announcement I love the picture and the caption, it tells you exactly what my grandma's life was centered around, Christ. She is one amazing lady.