Sunday, August 30, 2009


This is Tegan. She is such a miracle for her family. Her mom and dad waited years to be able to have her. Tegan is now in need of a miracle. She is only 2 years old, and has been diagnosed with a very rare, and very aggressive type of cancer. She is undergoing very intense treatments in Salt Lake where she is temperarily living in an appartment with her mom and grandma. Her dad stays at their home in Idaho where he continues to work, but he visits them on the weekends. If you would like to help this family in any way, go to .

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yep, he is 1 years-old

My little Bridger Turned 1 on the 19th. He is at such a fun age.. exploring, discovering, and into EVERYTHING:) Here he is emptying our DVD's. As you can tell, he thinks he is pretty funny. Look at that innocent face though, what a cutie!

Opening presents, he was way more interested in ripping the wrapping paper.

Ryker got in on the present fun

His first taste of the frosting on his birthday cupcake...
Frosting is so much fun to squish between the fingers:)
He liked the cupcake
Bridger has started walking as well, here he is strutting his stuff (keep scrolling)

Trip to Cardston, Alberta

Warning: This post contains a lot of pictures...but we had a BLAST!!! We went to Shawn's hometown for a little getaway, and had so much fun with family. What a beautiful place he is from I just love going there.

Cardston days parade
more family at the parade
Missionaries float....go Elders!
Red rock canyon, one of our favorite places!
Bear....we saw 3 of them
Blackaston falls (gorgeous!)
Hike to Blackaston falls (just as gorgeous!)
View from Prince of Whales hotel (breathtaking)
Cameron falls
My boys on a little path to cameron falls (cuties)
Having fun with family at Waterton
"Quading" as they say in Canada
Our fam at Shawn's parents house
Boys with grandma and Papa
Boys with the Jensens
Our pit stop in Idaho to visit my family (everyone except Brack).
Just look at the wonderful men in our lives:)

A little tuckered out in the car, but we had SO MUCH FUN!!!!!