Monday, June 28, 2010

Diamond Creek Camping Trip!

When I was a kid, we would go on a camping trip every year to Diamond Creek, ID. It is one of my most favorite places of all time. We were able to go this year and it sure was a blast! We haven't been for 4 years. The boys were in heaven, and Liv did so well! Everyone kept telling me I was crazy for bringing a 4 week old baby camping, but I think she really enjoyed it as well. She was a perfect little angel.

Liv in her little mosquito net. The weather was perfect for a little baby.

The boys thought it was so cool to sleep in a tent. They had so much fun having flashlight wars in the tent when it would get dark out:)

On a little walk, such a pretty area.

Motorbike ride with grandpa....the smile says it all.

4 wheeling with dad.


just so cute!

Bouquet of flowers for mom:)

picking dandelions.

Riding down the hill, he got going pretty fast sometimes!

Having fun with cousins

This picture says it all. Ryker wore himself out, and he fell asleep in a camping chair right before we were about to leave.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

In Love With Liv!

Liv is 2 weeks old now, and we are just loving every minute with her. She has been such a good baby, and the boys have actually adjusted really well. Ryker loves her soooo much and just smothers her with hugs and kisses. Bridger wasn't too sure what was happening at first, but he is showing more interest in her and loves giving her high fives:) It is so much fun having a girl, I just love getting her dressed every morning, and it is so nice not to be as outnumbered:)

First day of Church....

Watching the NBA finals with dad:)

Looking cute!

looking so girly (did I mention I am having so much fun with all the cute little girly clothes!:)

I put her down to change Bridger's diaper, when I came back to her, she was asleep like this.....

Soaking up the sun rays, a little jaundice .....

We went to the Bean museum at BYU this week, and the boys loved it. Ryker got to pet a live snake and lizzard. What a fun place!