Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day from the Atwoods!

This is the only day Liv is able to claim..."Pinch Proof." Every other day, I can't help but pinch those cute little cheeks of hers:) (thanks Linds for the cute T-shirt!)

I also thought I would post some updates....

Ryker, also known as: Batman, Superman, Spiderman, a dragon, a dinosaur, and many many more characters, is excited to turn 6 next month (crazy!) He recently dressed up as "The Man With The Yellow Hat" from Curious George for favorite book character day at school (pictured above). He is constantly drawing and has become an amazing artist taking after his grandpa Williams and Uncle Mike. He is growing like a weed, and eating us out of house and home:) He is taking off with reading and makes sure to get his 20 minutes of reading in every night. Still my great helper and amazing oldest brother!

Bridger is talking so good lately and is constantly cracking us up with the things that come out of his mouth, some examples are: "what the Heck! it snowed again today!!" and "I got hit right in the tenders!" He is also known as Buzz, Woody, puppy dog, dad, and Robot Helper (the only way I get him to clean his toys is if we pretend he is a Robot helper:) He has also been known to wear a pair of goggles he found in the closet all day long because he thought they were his glasses (pictured above). He is still mischievous, but always with the cutest smile so it is hard to get after him. He is also becoming a great helper!

Liv, also known as Livie Pie, sis, baby cakes, etc... is such a happy, easy going baby! Almost 10 months old, she loves to clap, wave, say da da, ma ma, and sometimes Uh Oh. She adores her older brothers, and loves when they include her in playtime. Her favorite pastime is eating real food, especially spaghetti (pictured above) and she gets as messy as possible because she knows it will mean she gets to have her 2nd favorite pastime ...bathtime!(pictured below) She is the princess of the family, and still loves cuddling her mommy which I don't mind one bit. :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Liv...7 months old!

It is crazy how grown up Liv is getting...WAY too fast! We just can't get enough of this little girly, she has us all wrapped around those cute little chubby fingers of hers. :) I love this age sooo much, I wish I could just freeze time for a couple of months. She is such a happy easy going little girl, and she always has a smile on her face. She has 4 teeth...kind of early but I love her little teethy grin! I tried to upload a video of her bouncing in her jumper but it didn't work so just go HERE to see it:)

Some pictures of her sitting up so big..

Bridger has sure come a long way with Liv these past couple of months, and I am so proud of him! He really had a hard time adjusting to the new baby and he wasnt very nice to her at times. Now he plays with her, gives her toys, makes her giggle, etc... Such a good big brother with such a big heart!
Ryker just adores this little one and treats her like a princess, always checking up on her. He is such a great brother too.

We sure love you Liv, how couldn't you love a cute little face like this?!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More Christmas Break...

We had some visitors over Christmas break, the Freckletons who live in Washington, and the Kelleys who live in Vegas. It was so good to get together with them again! It is always so much fun whenever we see them!

The guys...

The kids (Liv was already in bed). That little Claire is such a cutie, her and Bridger are only a couple of weeks apart in age.
The girls....blurry picture:)
I love it when we get together with our good friends we made while living in Rexburg.
But we miss them so much when they leave again!

I also wanted to post a couple of pictures of some Christmas gifts I made.

A quilt for mom and dad Atwood...

And I also made some aprons for my cute little nieces.
I am so enjoying the new sewing machine Shawn gave me! LOVE IT!!!

Friday, December 31, 2010

I am singing, at the party.

We went to Idaho for Christmas this year and had a blast. We had a Family Christmas party and the whole clan was there. Much laughter, giving, and food was had.

A picture of the whole clan...
(click to enlarge)

The grandkids acted out the nativity, my brand new niece Margaret was baby Jesus. This was the first time we saw that cute little girl.
another picture of the nativity
(click to enlarge)
the siblings did a white elephant gift exchange this year, and it was so much fun! Above is the gift that was the biggest hit. My SIL Shelby morphed everyone in this family picture (except for her fam) and framed it. It was HILARIOUS!

We also had so much fun with our annual family talent show. So much talent including: many wonderful musical numbers,some ballet dancing, moonwalking, an art exhibit, sweet saxaphone skills, and much much more!

This is Ryker's talent. He made a book about the many wonderful things about Christmas, but the best thing about Christmas being baby Jesus. He did so great!
For Bridger's talent, he memorized all the Book of Mormon pictures in the gospel art book and was able to recite what each one was.
Shawn, Bracken, and Bill were the grand finale. They wrote a song (a spoof of the Nacho Libre song) inside jokes about each one of us starting with my parents, and ending with Brack. It was a hit. In the video, it is hard to understand what he says sometimes so I am posting the lyrics above it.....ENJOY! HA!

I am singing at the party.
There’s nobody singing, it’s my turn to sing……at the party.
Everybody’s laughing…..happy……
...Feliz Navidad happy happy Christmas party.

Grandma’s number one she is fantastic she has my vote.
But Grandpas a villain he chases pelicans in his boat.

Darrec is the Birthright he inherits all the moneys.
He has 2 kids in Snake River and Tiniel is his Honeys

Kyle is Romantic he has candlelight with Trevor
But Shelby says “No way Jose, He is mine forever.”

Natalie’s an angel, she has the purest soul,
Bill gets the stomach flu, goes poopies in a popcorn bowl.

Katie is the best she host a party at her place
Tracy runs out naked off the dock and lands near my face.

Megan is my woman and she likes a ripple chips
And when she plays harmonica I kiss her swollen lips

Lindsay cuts the hair and gets rid of all the afro,
And Josh gets a red face he ask Grandma how wedding night should go.

Bracken gets a stones in his kidneys on his mission
To ease his pain he has a stiff drink at the salon.

I’m done singing at the partys,
Feliz Navidad our family is awesome at the party

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Ryker was "the real batman" for Halloween this year. That is what he told people anyways, so cute!
Bridger was an astronaut. Can you believe my sister made this costume...amazing!
I Love this picture of Bridger and his cute little face!
Liv was definitely a hit in her mermaid costume. She pulls off the long blond wig quite nicely don't you think?:)
Shawn was a.......................
Well, I don't really know exactly what he was.....
but it was kind of creepy:)
And I dressed up as a party pooper this year. Meaning I didn't dress up, maybe next year. Sorry no picture;)

Monday, November 1, 2010

All on a Rainy October Saturday....

A little over a week ago, our boys had a little bit of a stomach bug. It was a rainy Saturday, and for the first time in a long time we had nothing planned for the day. It was such a fun day though. We were all together, and we just enjoyed the day as a family in our home. We dehydrated apples in to "apple chips" as Ryker would say
Had some homemade bread
and apple crisp
We then helped the kids paint pumpkins. I have come to the conclusion that it is so much more fun to paint the pumpkins rather than carve them at this stage of life. I don't have to assist the kids at all, I just let them go at it and paint. They loved it.

Rykers scary face to go along with his scary pumpkin. He also painted a nice face on the other side of the pumpkin and would change it everyday:)

Bridger's pumpkin...I I told him to paint the nose, and he painted his nose instead of the pumpkins. If you look close, you can see the little dot on his nose.
Liv with her pumpkin....they kind of look like each other:)
such a sweetie!
Our pumpkin family....
At the end of the day when the kids were asleep, Shawn and I curled up to a redbox movie and drank hot chocolate. It was such a perfect day even if the kids were a little sick, sometimes it is so nice to just slow down and enjoy being together as a family and enjoy one anothers company.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Family Night at Corn Belly's

We went to Corn Belly's at Thanksgiving Point for FHE last week. It was such a fun place, I don't know why we haven't gone previous years. Sorry about the picture quality, one of these days I need to get a new camera. But we had a blast, and we will definitely go again!

The huge rocking chair...

Steering the pumpkin princess's carraige

Riding the horse

Slides, Slides, and More SLides...

Driving the tractor and the truck...

Riding on the cow train...

Rock climbing...
They had these huge bouncing things the kids loved. I think Bridger is flying off of it in this picture:)

In the princess blow up jump thing....don't know what they are called.