Monday, September 27, 2010

Kindergarten and a New Calling

Ryker started kindergarten! He absolutely loves his teacher, and he wakes up every morning so excited to go to school....I hope that his enthusiasm lasts a while:) I can't believe he has started kindergarten, but the fact that he loves it makes it a little easier on mom for sure:)

We have also had a very unexpected turn of events in our lives. Our ward was split a few weeks ago, and Shawn was called to be the Bishop of our newly created ward. Neither of us had any idea that this was in our future. In fact I remember a few months ago saying how excited I was that Shawn finished his schooling so that our lives wouldn't be as busy.........boy was I wrong!:) I must say though that we have both had some really neat experiences since he received this call, and we feel really blessed and supported by the ward members.